Sistemas Inelme is a company with more than fifteen years experience giving solutions to flexography and rotogravure professionals.

On 1996 Inelme develops its first ink control SICCT thanks the experience of years working in flexographic printers. SICCT brought a new brand inks tone keeping concept, by adding the temperature variable to the traditional theory about relationship between viscosity-color.

After ink concentration control, new machines were coming result of engineering reasearch to give professionals solutions: automatic washing systems for flexo printers, ink dispensings, two-components glue mixers, anilox cleaning machines, Dr Blade’s chambers, etc.

Nowadays, Sistemas Inelme is an established company in more than fourty countries all around the world and with hundreds machines making life easier to printer professionals.

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Inelme este prezent în România prin OP Consulting

Str. Amiral Constantin Balescu, nr. 13, Sector 1
011953 București, România
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